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MytradeMM is an international company with offices around the world, registered in Vanuatu and dedicated to providing intermediary services to clients, interested in investing and working in global financial markets.

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We have an excellent team of consultants specialists in finance, who provide services to our clients from 8 am to 8 pm (Central Time) from Monday to Friday.

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MytradeMM is committed to providing an excellent service to its clients. Investing with MytradeMM is simple and fast: we offer a multitude of financial instruments, among which you can find CFDs, commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies and many more.


We offer the best technologies of the modern market for experienced operators, as well as consulting services and advice to our clients without or little experience in the world of finance.


MytradeMM is an international company with offices around the world; we are authorized and regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.

MytradeMM is associated with the best operators of the market, providrs of trading platforms and global banks.
We comply very carefully with all the international legislations related to financial operations and bank secrecy.
The privacy of our clients’ information is one of the foundations of the excellent service that we provide.

Company doesn’t sell or share private information

Our principal objective

“Satisfy needs and requirements of our clients,
providing them with the excellent service and protecting their investments”

When executing any type of transaction in the financial markets, especially in the over-the-counter markets, each client must seriously consider the risks that such operations may involve. Making the decision and investing in any operation is the responsibility of the client, who must obligatorily meditate on the possible consequences of the operation.

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When executing any type of transaction in the financial markets, especially in the over-the-counter markets, each client must seriously consider the risks that such operations may involve. Making the decision and investing in any operation is the responsibility of the client, who must obligatorily meditate on the possible consequences of the operation.

Each client assumes and understands that:

No operator or market specialist can guarantee a total absence of risks or that the transactions to be carried out will be successful. There is no system or strategy that can guarantee profits of the operation, or total absence of losses.

The high level of leverage offered for work in the over-the-counter markets involves the payment of a relatively small margin when executing the transaction. This means that an adverse market movement can cause substantial losses, which can equal to the total amount of the collateral, in a very short period, or can produce significant incomes if this adverse movement has been in favor of the client.

A successful operation in the past does not mean that future operations will also be successful.

The particular conditions of the market may prevent from any unforeseen order, whether it is an order to close the position or impose a price limit.

The conditions mentioned above do not reflect all the possible risks involved in working in the over-the-counter financial markets. To receive more information, please contact our representatives.

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MytradeMM understands the priorities of each client. When investing, it is important to establish your financial profile, which includes performance goals and risk limits.

Regardless of the account type you choose, our team of highly qualified specialists provides an excellent quality service to all our clients. We also provide daily market reports and offer personalized consultations with our market specialists.

Do you want to know what your financial profile is?


With MytradeMM you have the option of different trading platforms that adapt to you, whether you like to operate from your computer or prefer to do it through a mobile device.


MytradeMM offers the most popular platform of the market, used by beginners as well as professionals of the financial world and large institutions – the .

This full-cycle trading platform has all essential tools to improve the performance of operations:

  • Technical instruments for efficient market analysis;
  • Developed back-office system for the client and his broker, which simplifies the follow-up of all operations with the client-account;
  • Opportunity of monitoring transactions in real time;
  • The platform can be downloaded and installed in the language of your choice.

The advanced system of the helps with the correct order execution on time, which is very important in situations of unexpected or undesirable movements.

The execution of transactions in the market of CFDs, Forex and commodities has never been so easy.

Download our platform and try it now!

If you need help with the installation of the platform, or if you want to ask any other question, please contact our representatives.


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MytradeMM is a company with the purpose to become the global market leader. Due to the constant work of improving quality of service and desire to offer our clients new strategies and investment plans, we are continually looking for new elements and instruments for diversification of your investments.

At present, we can offer the following instruments: CFDs, Forex, commodities and crypto currencies.

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Rosario Campa

Investing in Forex is not a game; it is something serious, related to studying, experience, patience and a lot of discipline.
It can be a very profitable business if you are careful and never get greedy.
My experience is two years and now I consistently make money.

Since its formation, MytradeMM has become one of the main currency brokers acquiring volumes of millions per month and hundreds of registered buyers.
MytradeMM is more than just online website; it is a big family, a family that always watches over the interests of its clients.

Alec Fraga

I want to thank the company’s analysts for their work. I use the forecasts every day because it helps me a lot. However, I want to warn beginning traders that the words of the experts should not be understood intransigently. If he says that the line of support is at the level of 1.2222, anyhow it is necessary to put stop-loss. I mean the analyst gives you the image of the market, but the forecast just gives you the feeling of the market, not more. In addition, I would like to say that you have to think with your own head. The best advice we receive, we cannot form in it our own strategy. Everything can happen.

I have been trading here for a long time and everything always works out very well for me. MytradeMM has never meddled in my trading. In my opinion, this is the most important thing. I read that in some companies they even open rare orders and stop loss flies by about 10 points. Nothing similar has ever happened to me, MytradeMM does not allow such mischief. And this is right, it is better for themselves. If I lost the deposit, the broker would not receive anything.

I want to thank the managers of the company MytradeMM for a long and good collaboration. When they called me after I registered and offered their help, I wanted to deny, I was used to work on my own, but they convinced me that the support would only help me. As a result, I’ve been taking commercial signals, market analysis and recommendations for 2 years. My incomes increased significantly. When someone helps you, trading is much easier and psychological tension is less.

Uxio Thomas

I have never invested in Forex, I have been always interested, now I can see that big companies are opting for stocks trading (technically they do not offer shares directly). The forex industry is slowly coming to its end and is being replaced by stock trading. I do not consider it bad, because it is not a “zero-sum” game where one wins and another loses, the thing is that the price of the stock (on average) is rising persistently.

My experience has been quite positive, although I have been practicing for a short time. I had to take out the money from the broker because I needed it for other things but it is quite probable that I will invest again at the end of 2017 or at the beginning of 2018, or at least this is my intention.

I have gone through situations of all kinds, from losing 10% of my capital in one single operation to winning more than 30% in a single day. I believe that the leverage provided by MytradeMM is one of the most important factors.

Nevertheless, I have to say that it hurts enough to close transactions losing a considerable part of the capital because of being over-leveraged. In course of time, we are learning from these mistakes but the truth is that I have been very affected by big losses in one single operation.

In the end, although I have not closed the account I have in Mira, I have taken out almost all the money, I have just left a bit to invest from time to time because I like it, currently it’s just my hobby because I cannot track the market like I did before.